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Latest MLS Listings for Scarborough

Latest MLS Listings for Scarborough

Scarborough is one of the most diverse and oldest suburbs in Toronto. There are more than 900 active MLS listings for Scarborough. There is something for every budget in Scarborough.  The majority of the MLS listings portion is dominated by detached properties listed for sale.

New and first-time home buyers want to settle down in Scarborough as this suburb offers great schools, shopping, dining and entertainment experience. A vast majority of detached properties are older properties with mature trees and shaded lots with beautiful green spaces around the house. Many established professionals in their 30s are now looking for a house to settle down while they continue to work in and around Toronto.  These smart first-time buyers are looking for not only a great deal but better value for their hard-earned money. Many well maintained and updated houses in Scarborough are quickly bought by eager buyers as they like the location and amenities offered by this particular suburb of Toronto.

A single family detached house is being listed from $700,000 plus. These houses might be old in number, but the majority of them are completely overhauled in terms of appliances, fixtures, finishings, windows and doors. Many buyers are also happy to find a brand-new kitchen with stainless appliances and a gas stove. In our experiences houses with modern kitchens and updated washrooms with stand in showers tend to sell much quicker in Scarborough as compared to their old and classic counterparts. These houses are situated in neighborhoods with good schools, multiple grocery stores, clinics and specialized ethnic stores from all around the world. In Scarborough, residents can enjoy the food delicacies from all over the world. It truly is a multicultural city. The cost of living in this city reflects the better standard of living among the various other suburbs. The million plus dollar houses offer luxury living close to the heart of a thriving city from gourmet kitchens to high ceilings with crown moldings and crystal chandeliers; they are the ideal dream home for many people.

Semi-detached houses are comparatively less listed and sold off quicker as compared to other suburbs of Toronto.   They are lower in price than the detached houses. The analysis of MLS listings shows that their average price range is slightly lower than the detached houses.

Condos and townhouses are the other type of property you can find on MLS listings. There are many condos in Scarborough. Theses condos vary from basic living to exclusive luxurious lifestyles. With its proximity to amenities and Toronto, Scarborough is favored by many wealthy investors and professionals, alike. These condo buildings have many features for its residents. Some of them are party room, game and theatre rooms, gyms and indoor swimming pools. These condos are appropriately priced as per their amenities and services offered to their residents. Many of these condo buildings are located close to highways and transit centers.

We have MLS listings of newly built and resale condos. We also offer some exclusive pre-sale condos to our VIP clients as a solid investment option for short and long-term purposes.

Some of our staff and Realtors have been living in Scarborough for a long time. They know all the various neighbourhoods and amenities. When you call or email us inquiring about a property, we look forward to assisting you.

As a seller, if you are looking to list your property on MLS and prefer full service and savings, don’t hesitate to call or email us!  We will provide you with a complimentary home evaluation and answer any questions that you may have regarding the selling process.

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